Wedding gallery


My approach to photography has a documentary style to it. I love to capture what is going on, all of the moments that you might miss, or forget about in years to come.

There are so many wedding venues that I would love to shoot at (if you’re getting married at The West Mill, Aswarby Rectory or Euridge Manor, then I might just do a little squeal when you tell me) and I love a good outdoors wedding (temperamental in this country, I know). But who you are matters more! If you’re a good laugh, chilled out and know how to party, then we will get on!

I have lost count how many couples have said to me “we went to a wedding and the newlyweds disappeared with their photographer for hours!”, this will definitely not be me! You’ve paid for a big celebration with all of your close friends and family, I wouldn’t want to be taken away from that, so I wouldn’t expect another couple to!

I will still get the important group shots, I advise that you keep this to a minimum of 8-10, to save time and we will get some gorgeous couple portraits, but we will spend no more than 20-30 minutes doing so. I also like to make the group shots a bit more fun, this way we get the natural moments, not just the cringy “cheese”’s!!

So now I’ve rambled on, have a look through my wedding gallery & if you like what you see, then drop me a message – I’d love to hear about your wedding plans!